Real Estate Disputes

A Skilled Attorney Who Can Help You Earn Easements, Halt Trespassing & Resolve Disputes

Ranchers in Texas can face a unique set of challenges when it comes to personal property. Because some ranches or highways can only be accessed by crossing through someone else’s property, you may encounter disputes with your neighbors. You may be unable to physically get to your ranch, or others may be trespassing on your land in order to reach their own property.

The Carrillo Law Office in Kingsville, Texas, has a keen legal understanding of real estate disputes. I am Ricardo Carrillo, a rancher who happens to practice law. I am a lifelong resident of Duval County and have experienced some of the same things that you have related to real estate matters. As a knowledgeable and effective attorney, I can help you.

Helping Fellow Ranchers With Real Estate Disputes

As a rancher and past president of Beefmaster Breeders United, I understand your dilemma. I know firsthand the difficulties associated with property disputes and I am passionate about helping other ranchers. Whether you need an easement to access your ranch or help protecting your property from trespassers, I have the legal knowledge to resolve your situation.

I know the steps you need to pursue in real estate disputes. I will work to settle your case efficiently before a trial but I am well-prepared for litigation if needed. I have experience on both sides of the issue — earning easements for my clients or proving why someone is not entitled to an easement.

Contact A Texas Lawyer Who Has The Answers

Property issues are becoming increasingly prevalent in Texas. If you are in this situation, turn to a lawyer who knows exactly what you are going through. At Carrillo Law Office in Kingsville, Texas, I approach your case with a rancher’s perspective, and a lawyer’s knowledge and legal experience.

For a free initial consultation, please contact me by email or call 361-221-4082. In my more than 30 years of experience practicing law, I continue to help ranchers from throughout Kleberg, Brooks, Jim Wells and Duval counties.