Automobile Defect Injuries

Taking On Negligent Parties In Automobile Defects Cases

Injuries from automobile defects are unexpected. You may suddenly face medical bills and a long road to recovery. I am attorney Ricardo Carrillo. With more than 30 years of practicing law, I will fight for justice when these situations arise. As the founding attorney of Carrillo Law Office in Kingsville, Texas, I will help you obtain compensation for the negligent errors of manufacturers.

More About Product Liability

A product liability claim holds a company responsible for a defective product they produced or designed that caused damage to someone. In order to have a valid claim, you must have been injured by a flaw in the design or in the production of the car. You may also have a claim if a car has a dangerous part or feature with no warning about its hazards. Examples of automobile defects include faulty engine, defective tires or flawed braking system.

A Fearless Attorney Fighting For You 

When you are harmed by an automobile defect, the opposing side in the case is usually a large entity. You will need a skilled Texas lawyer at your side to seek the compensation you deserve. I know and I am prepared to fight for the benefits you need after a defect injury.

If a defective product case goes to court, I am ready to tackle it head-on. In my years of dealing with such cases, I know the tactics and defenses the other side uses. And I know how to counter those strategies. Fearless and persistent, I will not back down because I know your well-being hinges on the outcome of the case. Attentive and dedicated to my clients, I pursue the best outcome for you.

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Unfortunately, many people are injured by defects in cars. You have options to seek help and justice for what happened to you. For a free initial consultation, please fill out my online form or call 361-221-4082. I am a Texas native who has helped clients throughout Kleberg, Brooks, Jim Wells and Duval counties.