How A Criminal Record Affects Your Future

Understand How A Criminal Record Can Affect Your Life

Criminal charges carry immediate penalties such as jail time or fines. What many people do not realize are the long-term consequences of having a criminal record. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I can help you understand these consequences and how they can affect you.

I am Ricardo Carrillo, founding attorney of Carrillo Law Office in Kingsville, Texas. With more than 30 years of experience practicing criminal law, I understand the challenges that you face. With an aim to build a lasting attorney-client relationship, I focus on my clients, listen to them and answer any questions they have.

Many Complications Can Arise

As a former assistant district attorney, I prosecuted many criminal cases. I have seen how a conviction can disrupt a person’s life and his or her family for years to come. I want to help you. A criminal record can affect you in several ways such as:

  • Finding employment and housing: Employers and landlords conduct background checks on potential employees and tenants respectively. A criminal record could harm your chances of getting employed or housing. Some sectors such as law enforcement and jobs involving children do not allow employees with criminal records.
  • Earning child custody: In matters such as divorce, a criminal record could affect your rights to custody. You could also lose custody rights if charged with a crime after a divorce, especially violent or sexual crimes.
  • Harsher penalties for future offenses: If you are charged with a crime, the penalties will be harsher if you already have a criminal record. That would mean higher fines, longer jail time and an addition to your existing criminal record.
  • Other challenges: A criminal record can also affect other aspects of your life. You may lose your right to purchase firearms and find it challenging to obtain a bank loan.

The good news is that I can help. For decades, I have defended clients by fighting to keep their record clean. In addition, my team and I work to have your record expunged.

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