Probate FAQ

You no doubt feel overwhelmed if you have lost a loved one unexpectedly. It may seem impossible to worry about legal matters when you are grieving but sorting through your loved one's estate is necessary.

Here are common questions we hear about probate:

Do we have to go through probate?

This is the first question almost every family asks. The answer will vary from case to case but, in the end, the deceased's estate has to be transferred to the heirs one way or another. Depending on the size of the estate, there may be other ways to do this. However, most estates need to be probated.

Why do we have to probate the case?

Many people believe that writing a will erases the need for a probate process. In fact, probate is even more important when wills are involved. The probate process ensures that the will is followed correctly and the deceased's wishes are upheld. It keeps the estate organized and helps to distribute it properly.

Do we need a lawyer?

Technically, you do not need an attorney during probate but it can be very beneficial to have one. Probate involves paperwork and legal matters that may be difficult to sort through on your own. An attorney can also assist you if there are will contests.

At the Carrillo Law Office, we have not only helped many Texas families through probate but we have extensive experience with personal injury. If you lost a loved one because of a defective product, car accident or other tragedy, we can simultaneously assist you with probate and examine the personal injury aspect of your case.

We have the legal knowledge to sort through your situation while you are grieving. Contact us online or call 361-221-4082 to discuss your case. We are in Kingsville and work with clients in Kleberg County, Brooks County, Jim Wells County and Duval County.