Do You Have An Automobile Defect Case?

We know that injuries from automobile defects are unexpected. You may suddenly face medical bills and a long road to recovery. We fight for justice when these situations arise. You should be compensated for the errors of manufacturers.

A product liability claim holds a company responsible for a defective product they produced or designed that caused damage to someone. In order to have a valid claim, you must have been injured by a flaw in the design or in the production of the car. You may also have a claim if a car has a dangerous part or feature with no warning about its hazards.

A few examples of automobile defects would be a faulty engine, defective tires or a flawed braking system.

We Know How To Fight For Your Needs

When you are harmed by an automobile defect, the opposing side in the case is usually a large entity. You will need a skilled Texas lawyer at your side to seek the compensation you deserve. At the Carrillo Law Office, founding attorney Ricardo Carrillo has over 30 years of experience fighting for the benefits our clients need after a defect injury.

If a defective product case goes to court, we are ready to tackle it head-on. We know the tactics and defenses the other side uses and we know how to counter those strategies. We do not back down because we know your well-being hinges on the outcome of the case. We pay close attention to every client and fully dedicate ourselves to securing the best outcome for them.

Discuss Your Case With An Attorney

Unfortunately, many people are injured by defects in cars. You have options to seek help and justice for what happened to you. Contact us online or call 361-221-4082 for a free consultation. We are in Kingsville and serve clients throughout Kleberg County, Brooks County, Jim Wells County and Duval County.